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Cross-country skiing trails

We are located at the crossroad of cross-country skiing trails connected to the Main Krkonoše Trail (Krkonošská magistrála) and we maintain cross-country ski trails below Dvoračky which are 20 km long.

The Main Krkonoše Trail

The project of “Krkonoše – cross-country skiing paradise”, thanks to regularly maintained ski trails, connects the entire Giant Mountains and is fully comparable even at the European scale. During each winter season, already since 2000, all ski areas and clubs, as well as some towns and villages, carefully prepare hundreds of kilometres of marked and regularly maintained cross-country ski trails for visitors to the Giant Mountains. According to a qualified assessment of attendance we can suppose that approximately one million visitors of the Giant Mountains use the offer of maintained cross-country ski trails across this beautiful landscape.

Krkonošská běžecká magistrála

The Main Krkonoše Trail, 71-km long, passes through the entire Giant Mountains, from Harrachov to Žacléř. It is connected with more than 500 km of local ski trails and circuits. Cross-country skiing trails providing extraordinary panoramic views of Krkonoše can be found in the central mountain and in the foothill area as well. They will lead to beautiful, often less frequented and therefore still little discovered, places of the Giant Mountains.

Cross-country skiing trails below Dvoračky

Right below Štumpovka and Dvoračky we maintain easy cross-country skiing trails in the total length of 20 km.

Běžecké stopy pod Dvoračkami